Health Initiatives Association (HIA) started as a Community Based Organization in July 2012 in Buikwe District. Later on HIA has been registered as a Local NGO on 19th April 2013 by National Board of Non-Governmental Organisation under Registration Number 9826. Health Initiatives Association collaborates with Health Initiatives Association in Slovakia and St. Elizabeth University of Public Health and Social Work in Slovakia.

Health Initiatives Association operates in Buikwe District, Kibuku District, Luuka District and Ngora District. However the main activities are conducted in Buikwe District. Buikwe District is a district in the Central Region of Uganda. Buikwe District was created by Act of Parliament and it commenced operations on 1st July 2009. 

Buikwe District as a part of Central 2 region can be considered according these statistics from Uganda AIDS Indicator Survey 2011. Prevalence of HIV in Central 2 sub region is higher than national prevalence indicator.

HIV prevalence among children under age 5 is 0.4% in Central 2 region. HIV prevalence among young people 15-24 years in Central 2 region is 4.3 % (females 5.1% and males 3.1%). Because of this alarming statistics Health Initiatives Association has chosen Buikwe District as target operating area. 



 Quality life, self-worth and hope for bright future for HIV infected children, adolescents and other vulnerable and marginalised groups countrywide.



·         To achieve our vision through high quality and complex health services for children, adolescents and targeted groups.

·         To bring them hope for better future by improvement of their health status and humane treatment.

·         To build their self-confidence, to support the education and to open the way for better future without stigma or without aside position.



The overall goal of HIA is to contribute to the present efforts in the country to improve quality, accessibility and affordability of HIV services through holistic approach to each and every client. Specialised paediatric HIV care is still not in practice in rural areas. Our children are our future that why HIA focuses on this age group. Preventive program is the key how to decrease HIV rate in Uganda.

The fore-mentioned goal is operationalized through the following specific objectives:

Program´s key objectives:

·         High quality paediatric HIV/AIDS care services in Buikwe District

·         Family approach

·         Delivery of HIV/AIDS services to rural areas

·         Prevention program among children and adolescents

·         Education and psychosocial support of beneficiaries

·         Chronic Care Program

·         Palliative Care



Health Initiatives Association has been registered as a Community Based Organization on 6th July 2012 by Buikwe District Local Council under registration No. BDC/CBO/1096/2012.

Later on Health Initiatives Association has upgraded its status to a Local NGO on 19th April 2013 by National Board of Non-Governmental Organisation under Registration Number 9826. 



        The Organization structure and composition of HIA comprises of:

1. The General Assembly

2. The Board of Governors (5 main members)

3. The Executive Director (Dr. Barbora Silharova)

4. The Program Director (Position vacant)

5. The Finance and Administrative Director (MSc. Zuzana Kuranova)

6. Social Work Coordinator (Ing. Silvia Manduchova)

7. Clinical Coordinator (Mr. Kiboa Said)

8. The Legal Secretary ( Mr. Ojok Geffroy Odur)

9. Other persons employed to provide services incidental to the structures.

The Board of gouvernors  of HIA is the control body of organization and it consists of :
  • Chairperson - Dr. Jozef Suvada (Executive Director of HIA- Slovakia)
  • Vice-chairperson - Mr. Otundo Kennedy (Programme Manager of CHAP)
  • Secretary - Dr. Barbora Silharova (Executive Director of HIA -Uganda)
  • Treasurer - Mr. Seguya Andrew (Finance Director of CHAP)
  • Technical advisorand -  Dr. Akol Zainab (Ministry of Health)
  • Legal secretary  - Mr. Ojok Geffroy Odur


 Accreditation for Health Initiatives Association as an ART Centre was issued on 7th October 2012 by Ministry of Health Uganda.



The headquarters of HIA is located in Buikwe District, Buikwe Town Council, Buikwe - Lubanyi, within the John Paul II HIV/AIDS Children´s Clinic.



Initially HIA activities were concentrated only in Buikwe Distric- Central Uganda mostly Buikwe Town Council and Najja sub county. However the operation was extended at the beginning of year 2013 also to Kibuku District and to Ngora District.

The services target mainly the group of HIV infected children, adolescents, their families and other vulnerable groups. No one in need of help shall be refused to be helped. Preventive program targets all children and adolescents. 



The core of HIA team is created by 10 employees and 3 service providers, plus 2 volunteers. Supervision from the side of donor is guaranteed by 2 specialists from abroad. However the operation of HIA is based on core staff in collaboration with implementing partners and individuals from communities. 



The majority of HIA income comes from Donation. The main donors of HIA are St. Elizabeth University Slovakia, Health Initiatives Association-Slovakia and individual sponsors from Slovakia. HIA is non for profit organization and therefore not gaining any profit, all incomes are fully utilized for medical & administration purposes of  HIA programs.