HIA Organogram is:



    Since September 2012 HIA has employed 15 local people, all specialists in the field. The supervision is ensured by 2 slovak specialist (doctor and administrator) from donor side.



OPD department

The head of OPD department is Medical Coordinator.

1. Medical Coordinator
  Dr. Barbora Silharova
2. Clinical Officer - Mr. Kiboa Said
3. Registered Nurse - Ms. Robinah Flavia Abalo
4. Dispensing Assistant - Ms. Patricia Mukanza
5. Community Worker - Mr. Alex Sekibala


1. Barbora Silharova E.D.

2. Kiboa SAID 


 3. Ms. Robinah Flavia Abalo


Mr. Kiboa Said has been HIA employee since September 2012. Ms. Robinah Flavia Abalo has been HIA employee since September 2012.


4.Ms. Patricia Mukanza       


Mrs. Patricia Mukanza has been HIA employee since September 2012. 


LABORATORY department

1. Lab in Charge - George Mukiibi Wilston
2. Lab Assistant - Lawrence Muyomba

2. Lab in charge - Mr. George Mukiibi Wilston